Wedding Bar

Wedding Bartender

-Personalized 'Bride and Groom' Cocktails
-Custom drink menu
-Full bar set up
-Party planning and logistics
-Event Entertainment
-Flair bartending show

"Is it an open bar?" Might be one of the most common questions asked about any wedding.

Your wedding is the most important party of your life and a bar is arguably the most important part of any party. We will create a customized cocktail menu that reflects the unique flavors of your wedding and even create a bride and groom original drink. With professional bartenders planning and working your wedding bar the service is guaranteed to be fabulous.

It is too often that you see a wedding bar staffed by bored, unenthusiastic employees of the venue or catering company. Drink options offer little more than 'rum and coke' and the service is slow. Often times you will pay as much or more for this type of service as you would by hiring a passionate bartender. This is because the venue or company takes a high profit margin while giving the bartenders a small hourly wage. Don't leave such an important aspect of your party to amateurs. Cut out the expense of a middleman and hire the best bartenders directly and you will get the most value for the best service.

And what about the people who don't drink alcohol? We can custom build a delicious alcohol free cocktail menu for the evening that will catch the envy of any beer drinker. For your wedding, make sure everyone gets to enjoy the experience of having a delicious drink in their hands throughout the night!

If you want your wedding night to be extra special and stress free allow Performance Bartending to take care of the bar. We will even advise on the liquor logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly.